About us

At Ceravis we are committed to producing high quality fresh fruits: cherries, sour cherries, apples and plums. In the last two decades the fruits produced in the Itesti region, have gained popularity among local and international customers, our cherries being especially sought after for their rich taste and large size.

The orchard is ideally situated on gentle slopes, which allows the fruits to absorb an optimum amount of sunlight and. The colder nights, together with the hot summer temperatures lead to accumulation of sugar and nutrients inside the fruits, which gives them the distinctive flavour our customers have come to appreciate.

The plantation is spread over 110 hectares, with yearly outputs of up to 150 tons of cherries, 500 tons of sour cherries, 100 tons of apples and 100 tons of plums.

Using a modern technology for plantation up-keeping we obtain constant, qualitative harvests each year, the permanent activity being asserted by a young staff. All of the fruits are handpicked and packed with care by people from the local communities and the nearby city of Bacau.

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Company milestones:

  • 1984 – The birth certificate of the business was achieved with the setting up of a new cherry and sour cherry orchard within the Fruit Growing Research Station of Bacau.
  • 1988 – We had the first cherries and sour cherries harvest.
  • 2003 –  The creation of 10 hectares of modern ultra-intensive cherry orchard
  • 2004 – We installed two cold storage rooms. This had a dramatic impact in our fresh fruit preservation capabilities, as it allows us to store cherries and sour cherries for up to two weeks prior to being loaded for transport without sacrificing quality
  • 2009 – We added another cold storage room, further enhancing our delivery capabilities
  • 2011 – Product selection is diversified with the setting up of an apple plantation
  • 2015  – Our cherries acquire trademark status under the brand name “Cirese de Itesti”